Needle and ThREAD

Books Via Listen Alaska

Reading and stitching, stitching and reading. How do you do this when you don’t have a Mike to read aloud while you stitch? Answer: Audio books.

listen-alaska.jpgPublic libraries in Alaska offer downloadable audio books through Listen Alaska. I choose a book to download before I go to bed at night, the computer stays up late to work, and in the morning I have a new book to listen to as I stitch, or cook, or print patterns for Make-It/Take-Its, or sew rings on Roman shades (yeah, uh-huh, it’s really happening!).

I can’t praise this service enough. I adore the multi-tasking that listening to audio books affords.

See if your library offers a similar service. And if you don’t have a library card to unlock this treasure trove, well, why not? Go get one!

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