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Bookmark Finishing Tutorial

bookmark-finish-8.jpgFunk & Weber Designs has released four Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy bookmark patterns to date. Three of the four are shown as 2-sided pieces, like fobs. Of course they don’t have to be finished that way. Each side can be stitched and finished alone.

I’ve been asked for instructions on how to finish the 2-sided bookmarks, so I’ve created a tutorial on the Funk & Weber Web site detailing one method. There are, of course, many methods.

Note that this finishing method can be used for lots of patterns. It’s an alternative to using ready-made bookmark forms, if you don’t have those available. It could be a good choice for using fabric scraps, or for putting UFOs (Unfinished Objects) to use. A partially-stitched project might make a great bookmark. You have scissor fobs; how about making some book fobs?

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