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How are those bookmark designs coming for the X’s and Oh’s / Needle Pulling Thread contest coming? Entries must be received before June 15, and this is Canada we’re talking about, so it might be wise to allow a couple of extra days for the mail. Jo (X’s and Oh’s owner) is exceedingly generous, but a deadline is a deadline!

And speaking of bookmark designs, my June bookmark design for the Ducharme Challenge is another pocket bookmark.


It’s the subject of the June Needlework Nutshell. If you want to learn more about it, and you’re not a subscriber (subscription box in the sidebar), you can visit the Nutshell archives.

Would you believe I’m still working on the May DNA bookmark? I’ve tried different lengths, and I experimented with gluing the ground fibers around the edge prior to stitching. While not essential, it probably makes the end product more bullet-proof. I think it’s too much of a hassle for many stitchers, though, so I won’t recommend it in the instructions.

Next, I’m going to try stiffening one with spray fabric stiffener. Also not essential–it holds its natural twist very well–but I want to see the result. And, finally (unless I think of something else), I want to iron and perhaps starch or stiffen one flat just to show that alternative. Or I could try alternating the direction of the twists in the center which might eliminate the twist naturally.

Oh…and I might try one on a different fabric.

Is it any wonder I’m the slowest needlework designer in the world?

So far, Becca and Kunni are the only readers to join me in accepting the stitch-a-bookmark-a-month Ducharme Challenge. Yay, Becca and Kunni! Any other takers?

What–are you chicken? Bwaak-BwaAK!

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