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Needlework ideas are flowing through my head like a glacial river on a hot sunny day. I guess the mental clutter is sufficiently reduced to allow for creative thinking. I need to start another list. Time will tell which ideas get picked up and turned into projects.


The idea that captivates me today is an online bookmark class for the 2009 Bookmark Challenge beginning in March. I have a number of ideas for non-traditional ways to finish bookmarks that I would love to share, and a class format would allow for lengthier, chattier instructions along with lots of diagrams and pictures, group discussion, and, of course, the chance to ask and answer questions.

Plus, it would allow participants to stitch together, helping to make the Challenge a social thing, which is what I want it to be.

Plus, it would generate more income that can be donated to literacy projects.

All of this began with an idea for a very small embroidered magnetic bookmark. I don’t know if this particular bookmark will work–I need thin, fairly strong magnets or magnet sheets. The magnet sheets I have, purchased from JoAnns or Michaels, aren’t as thin as I’d like them to be. I’m not sure how readily available thin magnets are, but I met magnet manufacturers at the CHA trade show last year, so I know how to find out.

An online bookmark class during the Challenge…hmmm. Not exactly a lot of time to prepare, but it could be done.

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  1. I can’t get enough of this photo. It appeals to every one of my senses…yes, I can even smell the air. Where was it taken?

  2. Maybe, Becca. I tend to think it’s having sufficient brain space available so the mind can wander. I’m not feeling as over-extended as I usually do. The only real deadlines I have are the two activity books, so I’m feeling pretty free and easy.

  3. Aaaaaa! I’m so glad you like this photo, too, Shell.

    Get this: I just discovered it yesterday. I’d never seen it before. I actually gasped when I saw it.

    I’m not kidding when I say we have thousands of images on this computer. This was in a file labeled only with a date, which is enough to tell me what it is, where it is, when it is. And I recognize the silhouette.

    Mike downloads pics from the camera, sometimes hundreds at a time. If I’m lucky and he has the time, he will edit, selecting a reasonable sample to share with me.

    Apparently, he didn’t have time to do that with this batch. And I haven’t noticed these in Picasa, either, when I’ve scrolled through pics there in search of a particular image.

    This pic was taken in September 2007 during Bob and Thea Weber’s (parents-in-law) visit. That’s Bob fishing on the Kenai River.

    I was looking for a glacial river to go along with my simile in the first line of the post. I was thinking more along the lines of a close-up of a raging river, but then I found this.

    I haven’t looked at the resolution, but I’m thinking Bob needs a print of this for Christmas if it can be done. I would recommend Mike include this in his next submission to Greatland Graphics, too, if he ever makes another one, but I suspect the resolution isn’t good enough. I think it’s just a snapshot.

    I love this image!