Blueberry Adventures Continue

It started with Blueberry Clafouti. Not my favorite, but who knows; maybe the eggy pancake theme will grow on me.

Blueberry Crumble followed. The surprisingly chewy and ample topping was a hit.

A tried and true Blueberry Buckle was shipped out at the beginning of the week and received well at its destination.

A Blueberry Cobbler was supposed to be next. The thought to combine it with sourdough ultimately led to a search through Alaska-themed cookbooks and a recipe for Sourdough Blueberry Dumplings in Cooking Alaskan, published by Alaska Northwest Books in 1983. I had to try it. I love saying “dumpling,” and I love eating dumplings almost as much.

I used orange zest instead of the suggested lemon zest, but otherwise stuck to the recipe.

Oh. My. YUM!

But (surprise, surprise) I want to play with the recipe. I thought the ratio of dumpling to blueberry was off. Needs more cowbell blueberries. I also think whole wheat flour might work just fine, maybe some soy protein powder and/or wheat germ, and I’m totally into the orange zest, though I’d up that quantity, too.

I will definitely revisit this recipe.

And now that the cookbook is out, I see all sorts of things I want to try: cranberry apple chutney, rose hip/blueberry fruit leather, the pickled beet recipe here looks like what I’m after, and, of course, all the salmon and shrimp recipes.

But wait. This is the Blueberry Adventure. This weekend, I plan to call on Blueberry Betty. Can’t wait! I’ve never met Betty. And since the crumble was successful, I think I’ll make one of those to send south on Monday.

I’m grateful I have somewhere to send products of this adventure. You wouldn’t believe how many blueberries are still in the freezer.

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  1. That IS a lot of blueberries. That’s a lot of picking. That’s a lot of WORK! I’m glad you are enjoying the fruits of your labors.

  2. I absolutely love picking blueberries–gathering food in general. It’s difficult to convey how much I enjoy it because other people cannot imagine it.

    For starters, it’s like treasure hunting. I get to be outside in the trees, on the tundra, breathing clean air laced with spicy Labrador tea. My mind is free to think or to listen to an audio book.

    I am so content in the activity that time flies.

    If I thought any of the goodies would travel that far, Bev, I’d send you some.

  3. Well, I think I can understand it; it’s a little like stitching in its way. Unfortunately with 95+ degree temps and hgh humidity, it’s not as pleasant to pick down here. 🙂