Blueberry Adventures

Well, I have failed to use all the 2009 blueberries before harvesting 2010 blueberries. We will not discuss the extent of my failure.

They’re ripe. I have 2 1/2 gallons of 2010 blueberries in the freezer and, at the moment, zero 2009 blueberry desserts in the house.

Last weekend’s blueberry Betty didn’t pan out. It requires bread, and I will first need to make the bread. I think I’ll do that tomorrow. I found a recipe that uses raisin bread, but I am not a raisin-in-bread fan, so I’m thinking I’ll make cinnamon swirl bread or North African coriander bread instead. Mmmm…bread!

Instead of the Betty, I returned to the cobbler theme that was ousted by the dumpling recipe. I was lazy and in a hurry, and I didn’t make the biscuit dough right. It did not turn out well, not cobbler-like at all. It was cakey and too sweet. We will revisit the cobbler another time. (The biscuits for the strawberry shortcake were yummy!)

Then I made the crumble to send south. It was the recipe I’d used before, which I thought was pretty good. Unfortunately, our power went out just after I put it in the over. The oven doesn’t work when the power goes out. (The next oven will NOT be power-dependent.) It was out for a long time. The crumble sat and sat and sat, the liquid soaking into the topping. In the end, it was less than perfect.

It’s a darn good thing I’ve got more blueberries, no?

So…bread tomorrow, Betty on Friday, and crisp on Sunday (old, reliable recipe) to send south on Monday. And more picking every day.

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