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Bloody Mary Mix

Bloody Mary Mix: It’s what’s for dinner.

One of the thrills and adventures of caretaking is discovering what kind of lodge food is left over and available to us. We’ve had caviar, capers, and eleven-pound blocks of chocolate at our disposal in the past. We’ve been left with frozen quarters of game hanging in a screened out building. Right now, we find ourselves replete with Bloody Mary Mix.

We’re of the waste-not-want-not mind, so the open bottle was permitted to stay despite the fact that we knew Bloody Marys wouldn’t be happening. It waited patiently, squished, purposeless, in a back corner of our over-full fridge. Until last night.

We also have an abundance of tortillas. Tortillas + Bloody Mary Mix = Enchiladas. Right? Well, with a few other ingredients like onions, beans, chicken, and cheese, and some cumin, cayenne, and chili powder.

The verdict? Mike said, “These might be your best enchiladas yet.”

In hindsight, bloody enchiladas probably aren’t all that creative. What have you cooked with Bloody Mary Mix? I’m thinking chili might be next.

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  1. Nope. Have never cooked with Bloody Mary mix! But I take Mike’s word that it was good!