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  1. We have that kind of moth around here and we call it a “hummingbird moth”. Don’t know if thats correct or not.

  2. There is such a thing as a hummingbird moth! I remember when I first saw one, I thought I had discovered a new, miniature breed of hummingbird. As if. (As usual, google disabused me)

  3. We’ve got the hummingbird moths here, too. Ours are usually green, but a different (more neon-y) shade of green than the one in your photo. The first few times I saw them, I thought they were hummingbirds; their behavior is so much like hummingbirds. But the antennae clued me in that they weren’t birds. I almost always see them on our butterfly bushes…and it looks like the flowers of a butterfly bush on the link you provided.