Back in the Saddle

Testing, one-two-three. Testing.

The sheets are off the furniture, surfaces are dusted (allergies are having a hayfever-day), and the tumbleweeds have been released in the wind, on their way to Glennallen. I’m home.

Between December 9th and today, I’ve been home intermittently for a total of 13 days. Research suggests I have a hard time blogging when I’m on the road. If you recall, I fell off the blogging horse last spring when I was on a 7-week tour of writers’ conferences and needlework trade shows. I need to work on my mobile blogging skills.

dv05.jpgSo where was I anyway? Among other places, I was here: Death Valley National Park. It was my first visit and I gotta say, I love this park! I probably wouldn’t have liked it as much had it been 120-degrees, but that wasn’t an issue in January. In fact, we had frost on the car one morning. We spent 3 days dv01.jpgtraipsing through cool canyons, dv02.jpgdriving the scenic byways (right above my finger is a sign that marks sea level), dv06.jpgexploring salt flats dv04.jpgand rocks, and imagining the experiences of early travelers. dv03.jpgOf course, I did some stitching, too. This was after the TNNA NeedleArts Market, but before the CHA winter trade show, so I was scrambling to craft models for displays. I thought Death Valley park folks did a good job of pointing out highlights, which is all we got to see in three days.

dv07.jpgOn the way west, back to the coast, we drove through a fantastic Joshua tree forest. My first Joshua trees!

Then it was up the Big Sur coast: a day at the Hearst Castle; tons of elephant seals, including calves; a giant pod of dolphins or porpoises heading north, creating an amazing wake (honestly, at any given second there were a hundred dolphins surfacing–none of us have ever seen anything like it); and great coastal scenery along twisting and turning highway 1.

The camera battery conked out after the Joshua trees, so no pics from the coast.

That’s going to be it for a recap. Trade show news will leak out as I describe current projects.

Did you miss me? I missed you. I have been a journal-keeper off and on in my life, and I like it. I look forward to getting back in the groove. Let me know what you’ve been up to when you get a chance.

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  1. Welcome back!Death Valley is amazing. I got my bookmark- thanks so much. It’s been a very odd winter here. Snow cover for five weeks- this is the DESERT southwest, mind you. Not only do we not get that much snow, but it doesn’t stay that cold for long stretches. We actually had numerous snow days, so now we’re scrambling to make up for lost time. Of course, now we are dealing with mud… The skyscapes have been amazing. I don’t know if you are familiar with the artwork of Bev Dolittle- you would like it, hidden pictures- but it is very easy to see where she got her inspiration for hiding pictures in snow-covered rocky slopes. The other day, the sun had come out and the teperature was in the 40s. We saw a group of four horses at a dead run, kicking up heels and generally having a great time. They were lead by a pure white stallion with mane and tail streaming behind him- it was too beautiful for words. It reminded me of a comment Tony Hillerman once made of not being able to use events like that in a book, because fiction has to be believable.
    Okay, I’m being verbose and I haven’t even read your other posts yet. Suffice to say you were missed. I have to admit, I haven’t stitched anything in the past 6 weeks- bad girl!

  2. So *that’s* where our snow went–NM! It’s a low-snow year hear thus far. There’s time for that to change, though.

    I *am* familiar with Bev Doolittle, and you’re right–I like her work.

    Excellent quote from Tony Hillerman. Completely true.

    Don’t worry about the stitching. You’re just resting up for the 2008 Bookmark Challenge!

    Glad to see you here, Becca.