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We’re in a holding pattern, waiting for the ocean and weather to cooperate for a trip out to the lodge. While I wait, I’m “writing ahead” on the blog. It’s Sunday, but I’m scheduling this post for Tuesday. That way, if I’m schlepping gear and food on sleds through the snow out in the middle of nowhere on Tuesday, you’ll still have something to read. Cool, huh? You can never know for sure where I am or what I’m doing with Robo-Blogger on the job. And, this allows me to share some of the things I’ve been meaning to share but haven’t had time to share, like this:

In other Challenge News, Karen, owner of Arctic Needle in Anchorage has announced a fabulous Read-and-Stitch event she’s hosting this year. In March, stitchers in the Tuesday Night Canvas Club will listen to Huckleberry Finn while learning Huck Weaving. How fun does that sound? It almost makes me want to live in town, though I may catch an evening or two or four if I possibly can. This is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind from the git-go.

home-002.jpgWe experienced 40-degrees and rain one day last week. Ick-ick-ick! Ice-ice-ice! But there was some beauty in the mix, as usual.

Karen will also be collecting bookmarks for the Anchorage public library, and, with our EGA chapter and myself, will host a bookmark outreach event at the library in April.

Way to go, Karen! You are a Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy star!

If you want to stitch a bookmark but don’t have a local participating shop, consider sending your bookmark to Karen at Arctic Needle. The Anchorage shop is young and small, and the local guild chapters are small, so we could use your help. Karen will make sure your bookmark gets into a young reader’s hands.

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