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Alaska’s Puzzle Bears

I got the PDF proof of Alaska’s Puzzle Bears (illustrated by Shannon Cartwright) from Taku Graphics. That’s the bear puzzle book I wrote last fall. I’m proofing today–and tomorrow.

On first glance, I’m thrilled. It’s adorable! I’ve always been a fan of Shannon’s illustrations, so to have them combined with my puzzles is fantastic. Adele at Taku reports the sample was very well-received at the gift shows (trade shows where Alaska gift shops buy products), so she’s eager to get the book edited and printed. So am I, to say the least.


I have wanted to do Alaska natural history puzzle books like this for more than ten years. It’s so exciting to see it happen at long last. Best of all, Shannon liked the sample, too, and would like to do more. Yippee! When I get this one proofed, I’ll get to work on the next one. Can you guess the subject of the next one?

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  1. Denali. Not the current plan, but a good idea. I was actually fishing for further ideas, and this one will go on the list for sure.