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We had dirt moved and the driveway improved yesterday. This morning there were moose tracks across the newly spread dirt next to the house; they came right up to the house as though the moose wanted to peek into the window. If Mike could reach through walls, he could have rubbed the moose’s nose from bed.

The moose didn’t bother any of the newly planted vegetables, which are on the other side of the house, but the area it traversed is the future garden site.

Twice today we had a harrier fly low through the trees in our front yard, hunting. I wonder if the recently moved dirt is attracting it. Also had a golden eagle circling above the house today.

Flowers are out in full force, as are the butterflies and dragonflies. No mosquitoes to speak of, though. I’ll say it again: I love it here! The labrador tea is in peak bloom, so the tundra is white. Lupines and roses are also profuse.

We had scattered showers this afternoon with lightning and thunder to boot. Shortly after Mike headed down to the mailbox, we got a substantial downpour. I ran out to the car and drove to pick him up; he can get grumpy about bad weather, and I figured he didn’t take a raincoat in spite of conditions and my suggestion that he consider it.

He was on the highway, but not yet at the mailbox, taking refuge under a somewhat scrawny teenage spruce tree. He wasn’t much wetter than I was, and all I did was run to the car. He was perfectly content, impressed by how much protection the tree offered. With sun to the west, dramatic clouds to the north, and a delightful temperature, he was happy to wait out the rain. He was also happy that I came to get him.

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