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We got a call today from our friend, Fred, in PA. (Yes, that’s DBL Fred for friends who know him.) He was holiday shopping and wanted to give the Alaska’s Puzzle Bears book to two of the kids on his list. Since these are only available in choice Alaska souvenir shops, and since we can’t find a readily available online retail source, I offered to gift wrap and send a copy to each of the kids on Fred’s behalf. I’m sending them directly to the kids since time is somewhat short.

Get this: just yesterday I ordered more copies from Taku Graphics because I want some, too.

So then I got to thinking, some of you have asked where you can get the books, and I’ve never had a good answer. Until now.

Funk & Weber Designs has a PayPal account, so can accept credit card payments and PayPal payments. What the heck, I can sell you a copy of the book. I’ll even throw in complimentary wrapping and drop shipping if you intend it to be a gift! I love to wrap presents, but rarely have more than a few to do.

The book retails for 8.95. Priority Mail postage within the US is 4.80; I use click-n-ship. I don’t have an exact figure for first class mail, but it should be about 2.00, if you prefer first class mail.

This is a whim, and I’m not getting a ton of copies, but if you’re interested, e-mail me, and I’ll do my best to fill your request.

mail at funkandweber dot com

Alaska’s Puzzle Bears is a 9 x 6 inch saddle stitched book geared toward ages 6-10. It has coloring pages by Shannon Cartwright and puzzles by me.

I have a few copies of Clueless in Alaska, too, which is geared toward slightly older kids (ages 7-12, and even 13 and 14), but you can get them cheaper on Amazon. Still, I have them if you want them. They retail for $12.95 and fit nicely in a Priority Mail envelope.


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  1. I was fortunate enough to win a copy of AK Puzzle Bears and can attest that it is a wonderful book. Hmm. I just may order a couple for gifts.