Affiliate Link Reminder

Remember, if you’re buying gifts through Amazon this holiday season, and you access Amazon through a link here (or now on the Funk & Weber site, too), I and Stitching for Literacy receive a small commission. There will always be book links in the sidebar, and the image here is an affiliate link, too:

  • You don’t need to purchase the item the link leads to; you can go from that item to something else, and it counts.
  • The price you pay for an item does not change.
  • Not all purchases count, but it’s complicated, and I don’t know what’s what exactly, so I don’t worry about it.

Someone is actively using these links. Thank you! Others of us are catching on. I can’t use my own links, but I’m now in the habit of using others’ affiliate links, and I think Mike’s got it down, too. (He can’t use mine, either.)

Since inception, we’ve earned just over $5.00 in commissions. Woot! We don’t get paid until we hit $25.00. Sounds insignificant, I know, but, honestly, I’m a champ at making a little go a long way. I’m thrilled and grateful to have that $5.00 on the affiliate account books.

Now, am I saying you should buy books and gifts through Amazon?

No! If you prefer to support a local indie bookstore or your local library or some other book-acquisition method, I applaud your choice. Honestly, I’m a little concerned about Amazon’s expansion into book publishing (Amazon just bought Marshall Cavendish’s children’s line) and who-knows-what else. (Remember Google and the Orphan Works battle? I wish good companies weren’t compelled to grow and gobble.)

But it is also a reliable, convenient, affordable, fast service. I support local indie businesses; I support libraries; and I sometimes buy through Amazon. When, what, and through whom you buy is up to you, and I respect your choice, whatever it is.

However, if you’re buying from Amazon, and you’d like to support Stitching for Literacy, you can do so by clicking through links here.

I’m going to become an affiliate of The Great Courses, too. (Didn’t I say this last year?) I’ll actually plug their products. Mike just bought several new courses; we’re watching two now, and I’m stitching as I listen to them (new bookmark patterns!). It’s the next best thing to having Mike read aloud while I stitch.

If you’re an affiliate of The Great Courses, let me know. Chrissie???

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