Adventures in Italy

Arriving in Rome

We arrived in Rome, Italy, on Saturday, March 2nd, after more than 25 hours of flying and layovers and very little sleep. We picked up our rental car and headed south to Vietri sul Mare on the Amalfi Coast, where we will spend five nights. We met our homeowner and got to the flat around 9:00 p.m., ready for a good night’s sleep.

Our Vietri sul Mare homeowner, Luca, with me and Barb.

Our Vietri sul Mare homeowner, Luca, with me and Barb. That’s the Mediterranean in the background.

This morning, I asked Barb and Mike to describe yesterday in one word, then two words, then three or four words, and finally in a sentence. Here are the answers:

One word
  • Barb: Fiasco
  • Mike: Debacle
  • Jen: Insane
Two words
  • Barb: Quintessential Italian
  • Mike: Eye opener
  • Jen: Scary ride
Three or four words
  • Barb: Most Italians are crazy!
  • Mike: No way out!
  • Jen: Instant cultural immersion.
One sentence
  • Barb: You’re back in Italy now, baby!
  • Mike: I can’t believe people live like this after 2,000 years of civilization.
  • Jen: Between the three of us, we can handle anything.
Lemon and orange trees behind our flat.

This is the view behind our flat. There is a lemon tree and an orange tree with lots of fruit that no one is harvesting. There are lots of neighbors all around.

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  1. Details coming in the next post. We’re taking advantage of good weather just now and running ourselves ragged. I’m not sure when I’ll catch up, but I hope to soon.

  2. Hey, Barb — That’s a good looking young Italian in the picture. Is he single?