Adventure Time!

Things might get quiet around here for a time. Or not. We’ll see. I am here:


This is Aialik (say “eye-AL-ick”) Bay in Kenai Fjords National Park. Alaska Wildland Adventures is building a new lodge, the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge, and I am going out to cook for the crew, move rocks, haul water, etc. for ten days. There is occasional generator power and satellite internet, so I may be able to post bits about the adventure from there, but I don’t know how fast or convenient the service will be. It’s possible this blog will be silent for a bit. In case that happens, I’ll leave you with this:

aialik-2.jpgPedersen Glacier, which is the view from the lodge.

That’s not such a bad thing to have to look at for ten days, is it?

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  1. What makes the soil/sand in the first photo appear so black and rich?

    Are any of the photos on the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge site Mikes?

    Now to wait 10 days for an answer…never was my long suit.

    Did you know that your small note regarding Adventure Time! only appears after clicking on the Comments button? Notice how scattered my questions and comments are. Such are the workings of my brain.

  2. The sand is gravel and sand. It’s mountain rock that has been ground up by the glaciers and deposited.

    No, none of the photos on teh KFGL site are Mike’s.

    I got the note, but not the first picture until I clicked Comments. Who knows what I did wrong. Maybe I’ll look into it, maybe not. Limited time right now, so it won’t be soon.

    Nope–no waiting for 10 days! How cool is that?!