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A Photo Pool

A bookmark by Pine Glen Designs, enthusiastic promoters of the Bookmark Challenge. This pattern will be available as a complimentary chart.

Now, you know how I like connections. Well, in addition to this being a bookmark image illustrating a post about bookmark images, I’m giggling because I might also be posting this prematurely. I’m not sure the chart is available just yet, or if it will be available on the Pine Glen site or through shops. Instead of giving me pause, it makes me want to post it more because, you see, something else in this post might be premature. I suspect Lorrie will laugh, too, so no harm done.

After Monday’s Update post, Charlie asked if there was a place to upload images of bookmarks we stitch.

Well, I’d love to have a system so we can share images of the bookmarks we stitch, so I’ve started a Needle and ThREAD: Stitching for Literacy Flickr Group!

Right now, this is a free account, so we are limited to 100MB of uploaded images per month, and only the 200 most recent bookmarks will be shown. If we find we like this Group and use it, I’ll happily upgrade to an unlimited account and make one or two of you moderators. If we’re that busy–and I hope we are–I’m going to need help moderating images.

Mind you, I’ve never used Flickr before, so I’m just figuring things out there. I just uploaded my first image.

What? You think I’ve jumped the gun by going public without really knowing what I’m doing?

Well, yeah. So?

I’ve made it a public group, so anyone can see the images and anyone can upload images. If things get out of hand (you rowdy embroiderers, you!), I’ll make it a private group. I ask that you reduce the sizes of your images so that the longest dimension is 400 pixels, and I’ve limited uploads to five per week, so you never have to look at 200 of my own images at once. Please note that I’ve marked the group as “safe,” meaning content should be G-rated. Okay, maybe PG will be accepted. Not that I don’t appreciate a little R-rated embroidery now and then, but you should send those to me in an email…which is now listed in the sidebar, you know.

Also note that part of the agreement to post in the Stitching for Literacy Flickr Group includes permission for me to post the images here as well. This blog needs bookmark images!

I’ll be working on a group icon and my own buddy icon in the coming days. Or weeks. Or perhaps months. Who knows?

I’m excited to see how this goes!

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  1. The above bookmark was the first of their patterns for a contest in the last Needlework Show. I didn’t finish it in time to get the others (I think there was something called NaNoWriMo in there, and a class from somebody named Jen…) So I don’t know about general availability, but I do have this pattern. It’s pretty.

  2. Thanks for the Flikr account Jen! I uploaded my first bookmark already!

  3. Woot, Charlie! It’s beautiful. There’s some pressure when you take on a Teresa Wentzler design, but you did it ample justice.

    And thanks right back to you for encouraging me to do it! I’m so glad we have this resource.