A FiberArt Fence?

Well, no. Not really. Not at all. However, one or more of the newborns has been squeaking under the fence twine and tramping through both the strawberry bed and the main garden beds. It doesn’t eat anything, it just squishes its hooves in the soft dirt.

Today I put up more string, especially down low. I’m out of twine, and I didn’t want to use anything too beefy (I’d rather the string break than have moose pull out posts or get too tangled), so guess what I used.

Vintage pearl cotton. I would call it “crochet cotton.” It came in a box of other pearl cottons from a flea market. Because these balls were stained, I gave them to Mike for his string collection (the guy has string and rope for every purpose), and when I asked for something for the job he gave them back.

So there you go. I’ve got crochet cotton protecting my garden. That seems about right.

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