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sheep-caroline.jpgEveryone, meet Caroline from Caroline’s Thread and Canvas in Ashland, VA. Oh wait. That’s right. Caroline didn’t send me a picture. But she did send me this post, and I am grateful for that. She’s a stitcher after my own heart. See why:


It is hard being an avid stitcher and an avid reader. Often, I have to choose between my two favorite things, but I think I have come up with a compromise.

First, when I choose books to read I mentally categorize them into Easy Reading (as in, I’m too tired to think), Thoughtful Reading (as in, I’m in a contemplative mood), or Challenging Reading (as in, scientific or unfamiliar language). When I go to the library, I select Easy Reading books for late night read-a-thons, sitting in the doctor’s office, getting my hair done. Then I head to the recorded books section to select Thoughtful and Challenging books.

I have become an audio book addict. I can’t leave home without one. In fact, I’m so bad, I’ll pull into my driveway and not want to get out of the car. It’s a great way to pass time when you have to drive a lot; I can’t tell you how many books I have read that way. The best part is that I have read many books I wouldn’t have tackled on my own because at a glance they seemed too intimidating. I find it easier to listen to Challenging books than to read them.

alaska.jpgRecently, when my husband and I planned a lengthy trip, I headed to the library and came home with a recorded version of Alaska by James Michener. We fell in love with Alaska when we visited a couple of years ago, so I thought this would be fitting. Now we all know that Michener wrote long books; we didn’t finish it on that trip. Since my husband and I have strict rules about not removing books from each other’s vehicles, he took charge of Alaska. I thought it suspicious last evening when he had to make a trip into town before dinner. When I asked, he admitted he really wanted to listen to the book!

the-notebook.jpgAnother great thing about audio books is that you can put them in your CD player at home and STITCH! Of course it doesn’t replace the joy of the written word, but it does open up opportunities for reading when you can’t hold a book in your hand.

I just finished The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Boy, that was a tear jerker! I’d definitely recommend it to Nicholas Sparks fans. I know it’s been out long enough to be made into a movie, but I’m happy I read the book!


While I wouldn’t consider myself and audio book addict, exactly, Mike would. I got him an mp3 player for Christmas. I’ve been thinking about it for a few years now. The man enjoys music and except for the computer, we don’t have anything to play music on. Gasp! Shocking, I know. So I got him an mp3 player. Long story short: I don’t think he’s ever used it, but I’ve listened to a dozen or more books on it since Christmas. I listen to stories as I do dishes, make dinner, clean the house, walk to the mailbox, stitch, paint baseboard trim, fold laundry, draw puzzles–well, you get the idea. All right, all right! I got myself an mp3 player for Christmas. What of it?

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