The Joy of Walking

What is it about a walk in nature that gives me such joy?

Saturday’s bright sun and clear blue sky inspired us to exchange tools and computer for cameras and binoculars after lunch. We headed slowly out to the beach, pointing out interesting tree shadows, clumps of snow on seemingly delicate flower stalks, a raven, an eagle.


Before we’d gone any distance, I noted the joy that warmed my insides the way the sun warmed my face, how light and happy I was, how lucky and grateful I felt to be right here right now, how I smiled at nothing in particular. Mike understood. “We’re hard-wired to enjoy this,” was his explanation.

I wondered if it was the wide-open space and grand view, or maybe the dramatic landscape of ocean, glaciers, and mountains. But I’m also fond of cozy forests and narrow canyons. So I gave up on the why of it and reveled in the experience.


One of the highlights of this place is the ice that washes up on the beach.




Large and small icebergs melt into interesting shapes and provide endless curiosities and playthings.

We were out for several hours; visited with gulls, sea otters, seals, and coyotes; oohed and ahhed over countless icebergs, rocks, waves, mountains, patterns, shadows, and such; and took more than three hundred pictures.

What a place to be!

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