Dec 302006

I’m having such a blast with the Preview Promenade! When I attend TNNA shows, I’m generally in my booth. I try to get out and see the show, but it’s usually a high-speed tour. Rarely do I get the chance to stop and look closely at other vendors’ booths, except perhaps my immediate neighbors.

Well, the Preview Promenade is my chance to browse, and that’s what I’m doing. Tonight I virtually wandered through Jackie E-S’s yarn photo albums. I’m a big sock-knitter to start with, so looking at her patterns and the gorgeous yarns she uses sends me into knitting frenzy. I’m not lying or even stretching the truth when I say I need some new wool socks!

And I just might need a knitted elephant and some crochet bowls!

Dec 252006

Giant knit slipper

I made Mike a pair of felt clogs for Christmas with a pattern (AC-33x) from Fiber Trends, Inc. He needed new slippers. The pre-felted clogs were so big and goofy (think clown slippers) that I wanted him to see them that way, so I wrapped them without felting. Plus, I didn’t have to guess when to stop the felting; this way, he tried on the wet slippers during the process.

Mike has seen me knit and felt hats. He’s familiar with the shrinking, but it still seems a bit like magic, and I think he likes the slippers better having witnessed the transformation. I felted them by hand in a tub on the living room floor. We have a front-load washer, and I’m not sure I can open the door with water in the machine to check the sizing. If you’ve used a front-loading washer to felt, leave a comment on how you did it and how it worked. I like felting by hand, though. It’s neat to watch and feel the change. It took about an hour, I think, of gentle agitating. Mike had doubts they’d get small enough, but onthe third test, he gave them a thumbs up. They’re drying now.

I’ll try to add pics when they dry and we can get the “after” shots.

My goal is to make a few spare pairs of slippers for visitors. In Alaska, it’s customary to remove your shoes when entering a house. I take my own slippers everywhere I go because my feet are always cold, but not everyone travels with slippers the way I do, so having a few loaners will come in handy. It’s a great reason to knit, which I love, and this pattern is great.

Finished felted slipper

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Dec 242006

It’s Christmas Eve. I just mixed the dough for Orange Crescent Rolls. Yum! I’ll roll them and bake them in a few hours, take some to the neighbors, and then Mike and I will devour the rest.

I submitted this recipe to the Quilting and Needlework Holiday Bake Along, if you’d like to give them a try. They’re at the top of page 5. Soft, sweet, orangey…mmmm.

I have another recipe in the collection, too. Can you find it?

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Hello world!

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Dec 222006

Wow! Heaps of learning going on here, as I attempt to install WordPress and use it.

And can I tell you how long it took to find a theme with COLOR?! Hooray for WordPress Diva! (Make this a link? Are you kidding? Tomorrow. Right now, you can scroll to the very bottom and click on “skewed rainbow” to get to the WordPress Diva.)