Category: Needle and ThREAD

Updates on the Needle and ThREAD program which uses needlework to promote and support literacy.

Collectors’ Bookmarks

Stitching for Literacy, via Bibliobuffet, Lauren's mittens bookmark

I like the title “Collectors’ Bookmarks” oh-so-much better than last week’s “Old Bookmarks,” don’t you? This week’s bookmark is kindly shared by Lauren Roberts, Editor-in-Chief of BiblioBuffet, an extensive website on Writing […]

It Takes Just One

Stitching for Literacy, Colleen's monster bookmark project

Besides “how do I finish my bookmarks,” another question I often hear is “how can I get involved?” Just as there are a gazillion answers to the first question, there are a […]

Old Bookmarks

Needle and ThREAD: Stitching for Literacy 2011 Bookmark Challenge, Don Baldwin's self-made perf paper bookmark

You may recall that last year I attended and did a presentation for the first Bookmark Collectors’ Virtual Convention. I had a blast! I loved the collectors and their collections and found […]