What Can I Do?


Thanks for your interest in the Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy program.

If you are an independent needlework shop owner, visit the Bookmark Challenge Kit for instructions on how to get your shop on board and ideas for expanding the program.

If you are not a shop owner, you can participate in many fun and useful ways.

  • Spread the word about the program.
    • Put the Needle and Thread logo on your blog or Web site with a link to this site. (I hope to create several smaller and differently shaped “badges” for the 2009 Challenge.)
    • Print a flyer to share with your local library or needlework shop.
    • Talk about the program on a stitching message board or in a needlework community.
    • Let your local library know about the program.
    • Invite your local needlework shop or guild to participate.
    • Tell your mother, your daughter, your neighbor, or the person behind you in a checkout line about the program.
  • Stitch a bookmark. Even if you don’t have a participating shop nearby, you can mail your bookmark to a shop or donate your bookmark to a local school or library.
  • Purchase Needle and Thread patterns. When you do, a portion of your purchase price is donated to literacy programs. These don’t have to be the ones you stitch for the Challenge. You can make these just for you. Currently, patterns are available from:
  • Suggest your stitching group double as a book club.
  • Suggest your book club double as a stitching group.
  • Volunteer your time and skills for the program. If you’ve got a skill you think might be useful, drop me a line at jen at funkandweber dot com. I would love to have a graphic designer help with badges.
  • If you don’t have a shop nearby to act as a collecting and donating agent, you can do the job yourself. Head over to the Challenge Kit for further information and ideas. Talk to your library and see if you can set up temporary headquarters there during the Challenge.

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